Norbert Stiglitz

Norbe Stiglitz | owner

With my love of yachts and boats, I have specialised in boat and yacht transport. Together with my team and a fleet of vehicles suitable for special freight, I offer yacht and boat transfers throughout Europe.


My vision for founding a specialised transport company for boats and yachts.

As a passionate motorboat owner who regularly travels on the Danube and along the Adriatic coast, I have developed a deep connection to the maritime lifestyle and the needs of boat owners.

My personal experiences on the water and on land have shown me the importance of transporting boats and yachts safely and professionally. The unique challenges associated with transporting watercraft require a specialised company that focuses on this niche and offers tailor-made solutions.

My goal is to run my transport company in a way that not only sets the highest standards in terms of safety, reliability and efficiency, but also provides outstanding customer service. I firmly believe that my passion for boating and my deep understanding of the requirements will help to create an offer that is characterised by a perfect fit.

Through my experience as a boat owner, I have built an extensive network in the maritime community and recognise the importance of trust and reliability in this industry. My team and I will endeavour to execute every transport order with the utmost care and professionalism to exceed my customers' expectations.