My mission

Due to my great love for boats and yachts, I have specialized in transporting them. Together with my team, a special fleet, I carry out the Europe-wide transfer of your boat or yacht.

My motivation



Transporting boats and yachts on roads is often unavoidable. Feel in good hands with when it comes to transporting your boat or yacht. With expertise, a special fleet and with my great love for boats, your watercraft will be transferred safely from A to B.

If you want to trailer your sailboat or motorboat yourself, you should be aware that the transport may involve expenses but also risks. The sum of the maximum permissible weights of motor vehicle and trailer very quickly exceeds the limit of 3.5 tons. This then requires at least the driving license class E to B. An unsuitable car or an unsuitable trailer can quickly lead to expensive fines or traffic accidents. In cases like these, even transport insurance is not sufficient protection. Even SUV vehicles with a trailer hitch rarely have a sufficiently dimensioned towing and drawbar load. Also to be considered is the trailer for the boat to be transported, whether it is suitable for transport on public roads and whether its registration is still valid.

I was often confronted with all these points myself in the pivoting environment, which moved me to found my own company in 2017.